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I am Bill Pedroso, an Objectivist philosopher and artist who has recently emigrated to the United States out of a love for freedom, and took it upon myself to defend that freedom with the tools I am most proficient at: my words and my music.

Born in a provincial city in the northeast of Brazil, I made it my life's mission to understand how existence works after reading the works of Aristotle, by traveling the world and reading as much as I could. After finishing high-school in Britain, where I was first introduced to the work of Ayn Rand, I returned to Brazil to study Economics and Public Policy in what was considered a prestigious university, only to be met with open indoctrination where serious study should have been.

After being involved with a few libertarian organizations, which turned out to be nearly as corrupt as the governments they criticized, I co-founded the John Galt Group for Liberal Studies, in an attempt to promote the serious academic discussion of the ideas of Freedom and Property. After criticizing the nefarious relationship between the Brazilian government and the academic status quo however, I was met with violent backlash - both legal and illegal. The group was dissolved after years of work, and I had my life, freedom and property under direct threat. After I was made aware that my family's wellbeing was also at stake, I decided that it was time to leave Brazil behind for a land where the right to speak one's mind, and keep one's property is all but sacred.

It is true that ideas of Freedom are under constant attack by both the progressivist "Left" and the religious "Right", but I believe that the cultural war in America is one that can be won - and that winning it is key for the regaining of freedom throughout the world.

Despite my background in public policy, both in the private and public sectors, I now work as a musician and a music producer based in Los Angeles. It is my goal to fully develop the potential of Romantic Realism in the field of music, by living a rational, non-compromising life. In a sense, my writing and my music are both complimentary works - the first one explores what I think and why, while the latter shows how life feels when you think the way I do.

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