Cardinal Sins III: Lust

    It seems I've accidentally started writing a little series about the cardinal sins of Christianity in these daily posts. I've spontaneously written about pride and greed before, and today I caught myself thinking about the idea of lust as a sin.

    Like any other form of death worship, Christianity abhors sex. Whether you're talking about radical preachers condemning sexual pleasure in general, or looser ones who "only" oppose premarital sex, the view of sexual pleasure as something shameful is almost inherent to Christianity. This is a consequence of rejecting the value of the individual, and its absolutely evil - but this isn't what this post is about.

    I think that, despite the whole anti-sex thing, there is a point to be made for condemning promiscuity: it is a sign of low of self-esteem. To have sex with someone is to consider that person your equal - someone you value and trust enough to open up your intimacy to.

    To have sex with anyone, indiscriminately, is to consider anyone your equal, which is a rejection of valuation itself. The practical consequence of that is destroying the value of sex itself, which becomes a banal pastime, and not an act of worship of oneself and one's partner.

    In the end, sex is like friendship. It's amazing and essential to life, but someone who is everybody's friend is a friend to no one - not even to oneself.

  -  February 12th, 2020