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Fuck Eric Garcetti

    “We have an incredible Constitution and a First Amendment, so while we can’t mandate that churches, mosques or synagogues close, please, we are asking you to close them.” - said Eric Garcetti the mayor of Los Angeles, as he mandated the closure of pretty much all business.

    Yes, we have an incredible constitution, which is why a bureaucrat cannot use a fabricated histeria to forcibly close any private business, at all. Unlike any other country in history, this one was founded on the basis of Man's inalienable rights to his freedom and property, and the difference really shows at a time of institutional strain, like this.

    At a first glance, it might seem like this situation shows how bad America has gotten - yet another purposefully inflated hysteria, leading to yet another instance of a power-grabbing politician overstepping his prerogatives. What shows America's greatness, however, is the way the mayor had to enact his de-facto commerce ban - as a "guideline" to be voluntarily followed, with the veiled threat of "enforcing it, if necessary".

    We don't even need to look too far to see the difference. Countries like France and Germany have unapologetically shut down commerce in several areas - and their people are used to this type of thing. That is because they were never free countries, and their people never fought for, or desired freedom. The fact that a mayor in California - arguably the worst state in the US when it comes to the upholding of individual rights - still has to resort to this type of strategy after over a century of institutional decay, is a great, sign. The fact that the scumbag would be unable to enforce his threat is just the cherry on top.

    Your business is your own. You can't force anyone to do business with you, under any circumstances. No one can stop you from doing business with someone else, under any circumstances. This is what freedom is.

  -  March 16th, 2020

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