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Legalize It!

    Many people treat the legalization of drugs as a secondary issue when it comes to the defense of freedom. The idea is usually that "the freedom to buy and use drugs is important, but we must focus on more fundamental, less controversial issues first". There is no issue more fundamental than an individual's choice over what goes into his body, and killing that freedom affects even people who want nothing to do with drugs.

    The maintenance of our mental wellbeing is essential to our ability to live. People are complex beings, and every individual has a unique physiological and psychological make-up. Although medical science provides us with general knowledge, it is up to every individual to figure out how their own bodies, and minds, work.

    Many people can live healthy, happy, sober lives. At least as many people need the release of having a beer, or a glass of wine every once in a while. The exact same thing is true of opiates, anti-psychotic medication, cannabis, anti-depressants, cocaine, psilocybin and any mind-altering substance you can think of. The proper substances, at the proper dosages, are essential to anyone's wellbeing.

    To make the idea obvious, just think of what would happen if a particular anti-depressant was suddenly outlawed. A considerable part of the population, otherwise happy and productive, would turn into sad, angry, unproductive people - classic symptoms of depression. They would either turn to criminals to fulfill their particular need, find a legal alternative that is not as efficient and has undesirable side-effects, take their own life, or worse - they would adapt to their new state of mind, assume that living is suffering, and make the world around them gradually worse as they descend into bitterness.

    These things are much harder to quantify than the rise in unemployment following new economic regulations, but they are at least as important. It has become a reggae clichê by this point, but essentially what I'm saying is... legalize it - all of it, everywhere, without restrictions, as soon as possible.

  -  February 19th, 2020

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