On The "Racist America" Lie

    Throughout my life, I've been a part of a few righteous protests. They're made up of a majority of people who are mostly selfish, and go out with a very clear goal: to demand that their rights be respected. Because they have a clear purpose, and a sense of their own worth, these people also have clear boundaries, and their protests do not escalate. Those foolish enough to engage in destructive behavior are punished by those around them almost instantly.

    How come most race-driven protests in the US end up in riots like the one we're witnessing in Minneapolis?

    Because people who buy into the whole "systemic racism" narrative are, necessarily, second handers. They choose not to think and judge for themselves, and guide their actions by how they think others will respond.

    If they bothered with facts, these people would check the statistics for violent crime, made easily available by the DoJ and the BJS, which show that victims are usually of the same race as the criminal. They might even notice that the racial makeup of police departments do not correlate to the race of people killed by that department, lawfully or otherwise. They would eventually realize that a cop that murders an innocent person is a criminal - and that those come in every race.

    America doesn't have a problem with race - it has a problem with cops. Its government pays a police officer, on average, roughly as much as restaurant workers, according to the BLS - yet expect to hire people qualified to handle life and death situations. Add to it the fact that most decent people would never work enforcing laws against victimless crimes, and that police departments are actually allowed to reject candidates whose IQs are considered "too high", and you have a recipe for disaster.

    It is not a problem of race, but a problem of bad police officers, and evil legislators. Anyone aiming to fix it, or even to simply protest it, would aim their efforts at police officers and legislators, not at and random shops. Second-handers, however, do not want to solve their problems. They want to please others, and feel like part of a group - and nothing brings a group closer together than the cognitive dissonance of destroying the livelihood of innocents over an arbitrary sense of entitlement and injustice.

    If your morality is based on others, what happens when no one can see your face? What happens when those "others" start looting stores, and setting things on fire?

    If you want to know what selflessness looks like, look to Minneapolis.

  -  May 29th, 2020