Women Are Rational Beings

    "Progressive" stupidity should not be fought, as it often is, with "reactionary" stupidity. The response I've seen to Michelle Williams' speech seems to illustrate this point quite nicely.

    The "progressive" movement has pushed the nonsensical idea - that it absorbed from the marxists without the original context of destroying bourgeois values - that the traditional family structure somehow oppresses women. It has pushed the false idea that our society is man-centered, and that to be happy and free, a woman should fight it by making her career the center of her life, painting that as "independence".

    Those ideas are evil, as they ignore the value of children and family, and are based on an earlier rejection of the value of human life. Those ideas permeate Williams' speech, both explicitly and implicitly, which is why it can't be defended in its entirety. Most of the criticism directed at her, however, is based on the idea that motherhood is the most important thing in any woman's life.

    A pregnancy can be amazing, or it can be a tragedy - value is not intrinsic, but contextual. People are different. They are born with different natures, develop different interests, and make different choices. To chose not to have a child and focus on one's career acknowledges the value of both the mother, who is an end in herself, and not some sort of broodmare; and of the child, who is a rational being in development, and must be carefully nurtured - not just thrown into the world without any planning.

    A woman is not a work-centered machine at war with men. A woman is not a sack of meat meant for birthing and nurturing someone she doesn't want. A woman is a rational being, that can chose her values.

    For a great, more thorough take on the morality of abortion, and how the right to chose protects what is sacred about life, read Ben Bayer's article Abortion Allows Women to Protect What’s Sacred About Life.

  -  January 9th, 2020