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The motivation for Bill, The Capitalist is a dual one. It is based first and foremost on my love for knowledge, and for Objectivism as a tool with which to acquire and implement knowledge. It is, however, also based on a rejection of the current state of Objectivism.

Aristotle's philosophical ideas - such as Identity and Logic - spawned a radical change in western thought, that was key for the development of Freedom and Science for millennia after his passing. That was not the first time that a set of ideas had an impact of this magnitude on mankind, and it was not the last.

What drives this project is the belief that Ayn Rand's ideas of Primacy of Existence, Objectivity, Egoism, Liberty and Heroism are one of these sets of ideas - and the greatest one since Aristotle. If fully developed, and applied to all branches of science - from Physics to Psychology to Economics -  those ideas could usher in a new age of human flourishing, that would dwarf those of Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and the Golden Age of Islam.

The contrast between that knowledge and the current state of objectivist intelectual production is stark. Although there is good work done with the goal of promoting and explaining the ideas of Ayn Rand, there is little work done with the goal of using the objectivist epistemology to produce new knowledge - and the little that exists is done independently, by a few exceptional individuals who apply objectivism to their field of study, not by the major objectivist institutes. On the other hand, many of attempts to systematically bring something new to the table have ended in the relativization of Rand's ideas, either to justify subjectivism, intrinsicism or simple dishonesty - something that almost justifies, and provides a partial explanation for, the the objectivist mainstream's reluctance in promoting new ideas.

This current state of events has the doubly negative effect of stifling the growth of Objectivism as a systematic body of knowledge, while promoting its decay by establishing a cult-like, dogmatic environment. Instead of the creation of a new, alternative academia to replace the current Kantian institutions, what is happening is the creation of a church-like caricature of what Objectivism could be - one that, because of its nature, will never take the forefront of the cultural debate.

The raison d'etre for this page is to promote the application of new ideas related to Objectivism, whether it is the analysis of other theories from an objectivist perspective or new applications of objectivism to specific fields of science. This is to be done, not by attempting to alter Ayn Rand's ideas, but by applying them consistently and without fear.

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