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Bill, The Capitalist is a page for publishing translations of my articles to the English-speaking market. Most, if not all of the articles in this website have been originally published in Portuguese by Objetivismo Brasil, an initiative that I am proud to be a part of.

The articles are essentially academic articles made accessible to the general public, by being stripped of any useless jargon and structured in a way that avoids the excessive use of citation one usually finds in academic papers. The goal of this website is to present the average educated reader with the nuances of my areas of expertise, namely Philosophy, Economics and Politics, without over-simplifying the subjects or making them more complex than they need to be. The purpose is to bridge the gap between academic and general knowledge, both educating the readers - and myself, with the research required to write every piece - and inoculating them against common fallacies propagated by a Kantian academia.

Despite the focus on the aforementioned fields, knowledge is an integrated totality, only partially divisible. Because of that, the articles are sporadically punctuated with opinions on current events, as well as ventures in the Natural Sciences and, mainly, Psychology and Psycho-epistemology - an area on which I have started to focus over the past few years.

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