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I am Bill Pedroso, a rock performer, producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Previously a guitar player and singer for the rock band Tchebs, I routinely played for crowds of around 1000 people, as well as smaller, more intimate shows for a few dozen guests. I have made music since I was 6, and played both live and in studio since I was 13, which makes me comfortable with most environments - from dank, smokey pubs to packed venues. I moved to America to work on my solo career as Prometheus, and because of disagreements with the Brazilian government over freedom of speech - something that is important for everyone, but even more important for an artist.

In addition to Prometheus, I also work as a free-lancing guitar and bass player, as well as a music producer. My producing skills are an asset when it comes to live music or playing in a studio, as it gives me more control over the sound, and the ability to be a middleman between the band and the sound engineer, ensuring that everything sounds just right. As a producer, my background as a musician allows me to know how to get artists in the best frame of mind for recording - to know when and how to make artistic suggestions, and when to just back off and let the magic happen.  

As a live musician, my main strength is stage presence - to be able to read a crowd and figure out the best ways to move it. As a studio musician my main differentials are being punctual and ready to play, as well as understanding how the signal flow works, which allows me to make the best music possible at the lowest cost.

As a producer, my biggest asset is the ability to understand artists and their work, as well as their creative process before, during, and after the recording takes place. Coupled with technical skills in arranging, mic placement, and mixing, this allows me to push musicians to their limits, making them comfortable enough to experiment, and uncomfortable enough to keep pushing for the best possible takes.


Phone: +1 (626) 696 6739


Facebook: Bill Pedroso